We develop every single component all in-house

Why this matters

By manufacturing and designing every component ourselves, we control every aspect. It gives the flexibility to respond to your project requests. We can select tailored components and produce within your timeline. No more relying on multiple suppliers' timelines and delays, we take responsibility for all aspects of the project from A to Z.

Three main divisions under our control


Our hardware is designed around our lighting engines. Each profile has specific channels to incorporate our TLS, wiring, and power supplies. We use only high-quality recyclable materials and developed a production process that contributes to environmental wellness.


Our LightTex and LightFoil diffusers provide edge-to-edge uniform lighting and maximize lumen output with our bounce-back-lighting technique while achieving acoustical properties. The LumiCloud block-outs, designed to seal the cloud, prevent debris penetration, and protect our components from water, reducing the frequency of maintenance.


Our Award-winning TLS (Tension LED System) is the core for each of our lighting designs. The advantages range from flexibility, uniform lighting, efficiency, high CRI and lumen output, lighting quality and free of maintenance.

Capabilities and Strengths

Discover everything we do - it's more than you might think!

Aluminium production

We design the shape of every custom-made piece of aluminum to make sure our projects meet your exact requirements and use the assistance of high-tech machinery to produce and assemble everything in-house. In our facilities, raw materials pass through an assembly line, including punching, cutting, painting and bending, among other treatments.

Metal fabrication

Our in-house metal shop incorporates a wide variety of equipment fabricating both aluminum and heavy metals. Cutting and welding to milling and machining, we have state-of-the-art tools to get the job done promptly and efficiently.


Always bringing innovative ideas to the market, R&D is at our core. We continuously improve and develop products based on what we offer and requests from our partners. We have in-house equipment to test and 3D printing to accelerate that process.


We manufacture our products to optimize them in function, value, and appearance for your company’s benefit. Our industrial designers develop projects through collection analysis and synthesis of data guided by the requirements of our clients.

Shop Drawings

Clear and concise drawings, models and descriptions will be sent to our manufacturing department where we begin the assembling line for custom made pieces through the help of our 3D printers.


From concept to conception, we have the tools and experience to create unique illuminated spaces that inspire as well as they function. From design to manufacture, our in-house process provides us both tight control of quality and fast delivery to meet the needs of the most complex projects and critical timelines.

Quality Control

We have electro-mechanical and electronic engineers. Our experienced team is an integral part of our ability to innovate. These dedicated professionals are just one of the reasons you will see a profound difference in the quality of the visual solutions TLS brings to the market.

Finishing & Assembly

Over the years, we have been innovative in finding the most efficient and precise methods of framing assembly. Whether it’s a simple small frame system or a complex grand-scale visual, we identify and utilize the most accurate construction techniques for each project. These solutions translate into substantial cost savings on both shipping and installation for our clients.