Lighting Engine

Vega is a pixel-controlled LED system that allows you to create unique and dynamic scenes, displayed as exposed pixels or through a diffuser. With a wink to Vegas’s scintillating night view, this lighting engine is aptly named.

Vega is a stand-alone interface that allows individual control over each pixel to display pre-set scenes and motion graphics. Options include RBG (over 16 million colour combinations), RGBW (RGB + pure white), and WW (2 white diodes, perfect for greyscale scenes).

Three Available Options

Vega RGB

Vega RGB offers 16.7 million colours.


Vega RGBW offers 16.7 million colours and pure white.

Vega WW

Vega WW has two white chips for greyscale scenes.

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Static White

Available in seven CCT options to provide uniform surface lighting


Tunable White

Simulate daylight sequences between 2700K to 6500K.



16.7 million colours or pure white to create natural light or a colourful mood.