Add a distinguished architectural layer to enhance your building facade or any other outdoor application with LumiPix. Memorable and distinct, our latest pixel-controlled LED product is designed for the outdoors and will make a visual statement in your project.

Offered as a low-resolution media system which allows for individual pixel control for both color and intensity, the TLS LumiPix was designed based on our award-winning Tension LED System. A substrate-free solution requiring only point-to-point anchoring creating modular, large-scale LED matrix with minimal effort.

Our drivers and controllers are integrated into our custom profiles requiring only two connections: an electrical and a network cable. To customize the resolution needed for your illuminated media designs, we maintain a number of LED Boards with different pitches between pixels horizontally and can custom manufacture the vertical pitches. Our low number of components makes for easy installation, maintenance, and creates a 98% see-through media wall.



A straightforward design where the mounting and the power are served through the same cables - Resulting in minimal wiring and a minimalistic look, with transparency (up to 98%) that allows natural light to pass-through seamlessly.



Virtually no size limitation for large-scale LumiPix.


Plug & Play

A fully integrated system, ready to use, eliminating indoor installations.

Application Options

LumiPix surface mounted

Surface Mounted

LumiPix suspended


LumiPix Fit-to-Build

Fit to Build

Vega Lighting Engine

Vega is a pixel-controlled LED system that allows you to create unique and dynamic scenes, displayed as exposed pixels or through a diffuser. With a wink to Vega's scintillating night view, this lighting engine is aptly named.

One column half rolled up of the pixel controlled Vega RGB



Add movement to your illuminated designs with individual pixel control.