LED boards surround the edges of your lit surface with our LumiSlim, illuminating the entire area seamlessly and provides a cost efficient option for your lighting needs. Ideal for smaller areas or shelving applications.


LumiSlim is ideal for single or double-sided backlit signs, shelves or illuminated panels, for use with translucent diffusers or materials. Our custom designed ultra-thin or frameless profiles allow for architectural integration into any illuminated design or space, providing uniform lighting.

The LumiSlim LED boards are manufactured with MCPCB and a thick copper layer that increases current transmission. The LED boards are constructed with circuit boards that optimize current flow evenly when connected up to 20 feet end-to-end.

Cut Sheet

Available options

Single Sided

Double sided

Available color temperatures






Edge to Edge Uniform Illumination

Our engineers have developed and optimized our ā€œVā€ groove etching technique, distributing an even and uniform lighting.

Various Options

The Edgelit LED System offers five (5) distinct profiles from thin to thick, to frameless, ideal for suspended, mounted or free-standing applications.

Minimal Wiring

The LumiSlim is designed to enable the system to connect LED boards up to 20 linear feet end to end without rewiring.

Integrated Heat Sink

Our profiles are designed to dissipate heat, increase the life span and to protect the LED boards from any mechanical or physical damage.

High Efficiency

The LumiSlim LED boards provide high efficiency and stable electrical functionality due to its 3 layer design.

UL/CE Certified

The LumiSlim is UL and CE certified.


The Tension LED System can backlight a multitude of diffusers and materials rendering uniform lighting.

Tempered Glass

PVC Membrane

Fabric / Textile

Acrylic / 3 Form