Chicago, IL

Lighting Designer:

Schuler Shook


PG Enlighten


Ravenswood Studio

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The monumental Hartwell Memorial Window a pinnacle achievement in the medium of stained glass, is now on view at the Art Institue of Chicago.

More than 100 years ago, Agnes F. Northrop designed the window for Tiffany Studios as a commission from Mary Hartwell in honor of her husband, Frederick Hartwell, for the Central Baptist Church of Providence, Rhode Island (now Community Church of Providence). It remained housed in the sanctuary of the church until 2018, when the congregation decided to relocate the window to the Art Institute of Chicago, where it could be conserved to ensure its long-term stability and remain in public view.

The window is composed of 48 panels that are each made up of different glass types and combinations. Inspired by the view from Frederick Hartwell's family home near Mt. Chocorua in New Hampshire, the majestic scene captures the transitory beauty of nature—the sun setting over a mountain, flowing water, and dappled light dancing through the trees—in an intricate arrangement of vibrantly colored glass. The Hartwell Memorial Window is installed in the Henry Crown Gallery at the top of the Woman's Board Grand Staircase. Located near the Michigan Avenue entrance, this magnificent work greets visitors with radiant beauty as they begin their journey through the museum.

Installed on a sliding rail system behind a glass diffuser, The LumiGrid Astra Double-Sided from TLS was chosen for its high lumen output and even light distribution.